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ABASTUMANI — the mountain forest resort of a subtropical zone in the Georgian SSR, and 75 km from Borjomi. It is located in one of picturesque gorges of the Adzharo-Imeretinsky ridge in the valley of river of Otskhe at the height of 1260 — 1340 m above sea-level, protected from wind by mountains.

Abastumani. Sinatory «Zekari»

All territory of the resort and the massif adjoining to it are covered with dense coniferous vegetation. Resort And. originally arose as balneoterapevticheskny. Its mineral sources were known in 11 century. Scientific studying of medical factors of Abastumani and mainly influence of its mountain climate on TB patients was begun only after establishment of the Soviet power. Now the resort is used only for treatment of TB patients.

Abastumani. Sanatorium of Agobili.

Abastumani's climate is substantially caused by height of a location and a land relief. Spring in Abastumani short, unstable, summer moderately warm, temperature of the warmest month (July) 17,3 °; the fall is solar, frost-free; the winter is moderately soft, also solar, temperature of the coldest month (January) — 6,3 °. An average amount of precipitation for a year of 620 mm, the greatest and June (90 mm), the smallest in March (30 mm). Duration of sunshine in a year reaches 2000 hour.

The major medical factor — mountain climate with big solar radiation, pure transparent air, moderate dryness and lack of strong winds.

A medical factor of the resort are also low-mineralized chloride sulfate-sodium thermal waters of sources Powerful (t ° 48,5 °), Snake (t ° 45 °) and Scrofulous (t ° 41 °).

Formula of chemical composition of water of a source Powerful:

In Abastumani there are sanatoria for patients with active forms of tuberculosis, including children's; policlinic, bathing building, etc. The resort functions all the year round. The climatotherapy of suffering from tuberculosis lungs is carried out in combination with medicamentous and if necessary surgical treatment.

Indications: torpidno the current focal, hematogenous disseminated forms of a pulmonary tuberculosis, limited forms of fibrous and cavernous tuberculosis in the absence of a pulmonary heart; an infiltrative and pneumonic pulmonary tuberculosis in a phase of involution; in a warm season — from May to September — tubercular exudative pleurisy and peritonitises after a rassasyvaniye of exudate; tubercular bronkhadenit also primary complex in a phase of infiltration and a rassasyvaniye.

Indications for a balneolecheniye: diseases of joints, a peripheral nervous system, gynecologic and other diseases when they accompany tubercular process.

Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection .

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M. Yu. Nodiya.